Sustainable transport

Protect the environment, save money and still remain flexible!

  • eMobilität
PTM Energy specialises in assisting municipalities and other organisations with transport infrastructure in order to meet their environmental and economic goals. We help them develop attainable objectives, create roadmaps and energy development plans, and advise on appropriate citizen participation.

When it comes to sustainable transport, our philosophy is to enable what is called the ‘Modal shift’ wherever possible. In environmental circles, this refers to the idea that in order to create a more sustainable world, our current ways of travelling with their emphasis on individual transportation and fossil-fuel powered vehicles, needs to ‘shift’ to modes that are healthier for the environment – cycling, public transport, electric cars and ride sharing. We want to help municipalities and companies make this happen.
We also have direct experience in developing and running an electric car sharing project, floMobil in Worgl, Austria, meaning we can give you considerable insight into the concept and delivery of a service like this.